The meeting started with a walking dinner on Thursday night 8th November 2018.

The conference took place on Friday morning 9th November 2018 at the offices of the European Commission  Unter den Linden, Berlin.

The topic was the professional activity as a lawyer. Is it still a dream job for the next generation?

There were representatives from about 20, most European, countries.

The CCBE was represented by its second vice-president Margarete Gräfin Von GALEN and the FBE was represented by its general secretary Charles KAUFHOLD.

The keynote speaker Thomas KRÜMMEL presented the situation of lawyers in Germany. It was interesting to note that concerning the revenue there is a gender gap of 24 %. It was largely discussed what exactly caused this gap but no clear conclusion could be drawn.

Following the speaker, in Germany one lawyer comes on 500 inhabitants. This is a very low number compared to other countries, like for example Austria where the number of inhabitants is 1400 per one lawyer.

The participants of the conference also treated subjects like the digitalisation that takes place in many countries while other countries are still far from implementing it.

Digitalisation is making things quicker and, if well done, provides the lawyer, the clients and the judge with better information an easier access to justice.

A presentation of the last developments in European Law was given by Mr Nikolaus VON PETER representing the European Commission.

The discussion had to be interrupted as lunchtime occurred.

In the evening, the traditional Gala dinner took place.

Charles Kaufhold was joined by Monique Stengel, treasurer  and Artur Wierzbicki, head of the Human rights Commission of FBE.

The first speech was held by the special guest, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Juliane Kokott, General Prosecutor by the European Court of Justice with the topic “The European Court of Justice as constitutional Court?”. Table speeches were held about the actual situation of Justice by Mr. Dr. Behrendt, Senator for Justice in Berlin and about actual difficulties of the legal profession by Mr. Freyschmidt, President of the Berlin DAV and Mr. Schellenberger, President of the national DAV. Many European colleagues as well as guests from Korea were participating to this nice evening.