The I International Oratory Competition organized at the Madrid Bar Association has a winner.


It is Grigore Pop, representative of the Cluj Bar Association (Romania)
Last Friday, the 6th of October, started the first round of speeches of the I International Oratory Competition organized by the Federation of European Bars and of which the Madrid Bar has been the host and venue.


In total, 10 participants of less than 40 years-old, two of them from Madrid, represented their Bar Association, presenting a case, in English, on “A Human Rights violation currently happening in Europe”.


For the first round, a jury whose members included the Board members of the Madrid Bar, Maite Nadal and Carmen Pérez Andújar, chose the finalists who proceeded to the next stage:


  • Bram de Man, Antwerp Bar Association (Belgium)
  • Grigore Pop, Cluj Bar Association (Romania)
  • Eduardo Chaperón Sanchiz, Madrid Bar Association (Spain)
  • Agnieszka Całka, Warsaw Bar Association (Poland)


The second round took place on Saturday morning, where the participants had three hours to reflect on whether anti-immigration comments should be censored or not, defending both positions and answering the jury’s questions.


Finally, the winner chosen by the jury was the representative of the Cluj Bar Association, whose first round’s presentation revolved around data protection in the use of new technologies.