AEA-EAL, Lyon 23.11.18 – Posted workers in Europe/Les travailleurs détachés en Europe

L’Association Européenne des Avocats – the  European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL) is pleased to announce the next Congress in LYON on 23 November 2018, on the topic:

“Posted workers in Europe”.


On 29 May 2018, the European Parliament approved a revision of the Directive on posting workers within the EU, as the number of these workers  increases every year.

All European countries as well as most important economic sectors are concerned.

We intend to approach legal and the economic aspects of this topic with speakers out of different countries of Europe, lawyers who are dealing with this matter, representatives of national and European authorities, in house lawyers from enterprises, sending out workers or receiving posted workers.

We will be pleased to welcome you on November 23 in the historic town of Lyon ( in the premises of the Lyon Bar, 176 Rue de Crequi, 60003 Lyon, France ) to discuss this topic!

Do not miss  the unique opportunity of exchange of views about this issue, which economic and political impact is growing, provoking some distrust in the public opinion and in admistration of  hosting countries.

* * *

L’Association Européenne des Avocats – the  European Association of Lawyers (AEA-EAL) a le plaisir de vous présenter son prochain congrès qui se tiendra à LYON le 23 novembre 2018 sur le thème :

Les travailleurs détachés en Europe


Le Parlement Européen a approuvé le 29 mai dernier une révision de la directive sur les détachements des travailleurs, dont le nombre augmente considérablement chaque année.

Tous les pays de l’Union Européenne, ainsi que les secteurs économiques les plus importants sont concernés.

Nous étudierons les aspects juridiques et économiques avec des intervenants de différents pays européens : avocats ayant eu à traiter de contentieux dans le domaine, représentants des autorités nationales et communautaires, juristes d’entreprises exportatrices et importatrices de main d’œuvre.

Nous vous proposons de participer à nos travaux le 23 novembre dans la ville historique de LYON (Maison du Barreau, 176 Rue de Crequi, 60003 LYON, France).

Ne manquez pas un échange d’expériences unique sur la circulation des travailleurs en Europe, d’une importance économique croissante, mais qui soulève parfois la méfiance des opinions publiques et des administrations des pays d’accueil.

Sofia, 2018 June 22nd – Conference about Digitalisation of Justice

Challenges to the Legal Profession arising from EU’s digitisation program.

 FBE and CCBE took part in the Congress organised in Sofia by the Supreme Council Bar of Bulgaria about the Justice digitisation program of the EU.

 Ralitsa Negentsova, President of the Supreme Council, said that digitisation in all spheres of public life has brought enormous challenges to the legal profession. A modern European lawyer needs to build quality new knowledge and skills. Without such, it is impossible to protect the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities, as well as the state. These challenges also face the judiciary, which is called upon to adopt and carry out the difficult reform of e-justice, which is one of the main policies in the European Union. The reform affects all representatives of the legal professions, including lawyers.

 FBE’s President, Mr Lucherini, talked about the results of the FBE Committee Future of Profession and the positive experience of the Italian system, that might be a model for the incoming ones.

FBE International Young Lawyers’ Human Rights Oratory Competition – Poznan, 29-30 June 2018

FBE / OIRP Poznań

Ist International Young Lawyers’ and Law Students’ Human Rights Oratory Competition, Poznań 2018


“All people are born free and equal in respect of their dignity and their rights, they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards others in a spirit of brotherhood.”
 Art. 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Under this slogan, the European Bars Federation / Strasbourg (FBE) and the District Chamber of Legal Advisors / Poznań (OIRP) organized on the 29 and 30 June 2018 at the headquarters of OIRP in Poznań / Poland, the I International Young Lawyers’ and Law Students’ Human Rights Oratory Competition.

The organizers, through this event, invited young lawyers and law students (age up to 30 years of age) to disseminate the values ​​of the Declaration of Human Rights.

This year, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Paris, December 10, 1948) as a set of human rights and their application.

Many young lawyers, law students, responded to our invitation addressed to them. After the preliminaries, 9 semi-finalists from such countries as The United Kingdom, Spain, Serbia and Poland were invited to participate in the Competition. The theme of the oral presentation of each of the semi-finalists was the same and was based on the Declaration of Human Rights – well known to everyone.

The participants of the competition were: Mr. Christopher Banks (London), Mrs. Paola Cuenca Chamorro (Madrid), Mr. Aleksa Filipov (Vojvodina), Mrs. Klaudia Gozdz (London), Mrs. Nekane Legorburu (Bilbao), Mrs. Paola Moctezuma (Madrid), Mrs Elizabeth Smith (London), Mr. Rafał Sokół (Warsaw), Mr. Darrieux Raposo Roi (Bilbao).

The speeches of individual participants during the two days of the contest struggle were subject to a broad but objective assessment of the international jury composed of: Artur Wierzbicki,  (Poznań) – Jury President, Professor Sara Chandler (London) – Jury Member, Mrs. Monique Stengel (Paris) – Jury Member, Mr. Marc Wesser (Berlin) – Jury Member.

On the first day of the Competition, the final four were selected. On the second day, with a slightly changed formula of the speeches, as a result of the Jury’s deliberatin and its unanimity, the winning four were selected:

1. Mr. CHRISTOPHER BANKS (London) – 1st place
2. Mr. RAFAŁ SOKÓŁ (Warsaw) – 2nd place
3. Ms. PAOLA CUENCA CHAMORRO (Madrid) and Mr. ALEKSA FILIPOV (Vojvodina) – 3rd place ex aequo

The competition was an excellent opportunity to practice oratory skills of young lawyers and law students as well as exchange experiences in this group. The next, second edition is planned for next year.

 Artur Wierzbicki,

President of FBE Human Rights Commission FBE


The FBE is committed to the rule of law, access to justice and the defence of human rights. The FBE is gravely concerned about the independence of judges in Poland and is aware of the Report and statement made by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of judges and lawyers:

The Special Rapporteur’s report highlights the critical situation in Poland when on the 3rd July 2018  40% of the Supreme Court judges will be forced to retire before the end of their term, which is a violation of the Polish constitution, and marks a worrying politicisation of the judiciary. Instead of completing 6 years in office, any judge reaching 65 years of age is to be retired on Tuesday 3rd July. 

Mr Michele Lucherini, President of the FBE, stated: “These changes undermine the rule of law and the principle of independence of judges. If the judiciary are politicised then justice is endangered and the judicial system may appear less fair, and result in the population disbelieving that they have access to justice.”

MEDITERRANEAN BARS MEETING – Ragusa, 12-14 April 2018

The FBE’s MEDITERRANEAN BARS MEETING brings together lawyers from the four shores of the Mediterranean. The Assize was held on April 13 and delegates came from Lebanon in the east, from Tunisia and Morocco in the south, from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy in the north. There were also lawyers from northern Europe, including the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

The Assize was organized by the FBE Mediterranean Commission (FBEMC) leaded by President Giorgio Assenza, Vice President Dominique Attias, Secretary Omar Abbouzzohour (Secretary of FBEMC) and with the coordination of Yves Oschinsky (Past President FBE) and Michele Lucherini ( Vice President FBE). A decisive role was played by the Ragusa Bar Association.

The conference was about the European settlement rules; the services of lawyers; the rules of common deontology; the social security management of Moroccan workers in the province of Ragusa; social security protection for workers in the agricultural sector; the possibilities of investment in the Mediterranean; the lawyers as a support for companies and investments; the establishment of persons and particularly retired people.

Particular attention was focused to the analysis of the situation in France concerning the Macron bill on justice and the situation in Lebanon (see resolutions).

It was a memorable event for the accuracy of the scientific program and the in-depth contribution of the speakers.

FBE in Exeter in favour of the Legal profession

President Michele Lucherini and Past President Sara Chandler attended the Legal Sunday events in Exeter on 9th  and 10th  June.

The assembled judges, lawyers, Sheriffs, Mayors and officials of the counties and cities of Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset and Wiltshire were addressed by the High Sheriff of Devon, and Her Honour Justice May, both women talking about justice and the rule of law.

President of FBE underlined the importance of Devon and Somerset Law Society in improving the international culture of Lawyers for the defence of the rights and justice.

Election of the Presidency for 2018-2019

The FBE’s General Assembly on May 19th, 2018 has elected the new Presidency for the year 2018-2019.

Michele Lucherini (IT – Lucca) is the new President; Silvia Giménez-Salinas Colomer (ES – Barcelona), the first Vice President; Dominique Attias (FR – Paris), the second Vice President; Monique Stengel (FR – Paris) is the new Treasurer; Charles Kaufhold (Luxembourg), the General Secretary.

Special thanks to the Secretaries Marta Cuadrada and Philippe Loew; to the out-coming President, Sara Chandler and the out-coming Treasurer, Christoph Munz.

A special recognition to Izabela Konopacka (PL – Wroclaw), for her commitment in the FBE.

NAPOLI, 2018, march 16th – “Right and Freedom. The role and challenges of the lawyer in the society of the third millennium. Toward a new Manifesto di Napoli of the lawyers”

The Ordine di Avvocati di Napoli held a very successful international meeting on several topics of particular interest under the title: “Right and Freedom. The role and challenges of the lawyer in the society of the third millennium. Toward a new Manifesto di Napoli dell’avvocatura”.

Members of the FBE spoke, including Yves Oschinsky (Past President), Sara Chandler (President), Michele Lucherini (VicePresident) and Iza Konopacka (President New Technologies Commission).

The second  Manifesto di Napoli of the Lawyers was drafted at that meeting, then approved by the FBE general meeting in Bologna in May 2018.

Thanks to Michel Benichou, Luis Martì Mingarro, Aldo Bulgarelli and Alessandro Senatore.

Michele Lucherini gave a report on the European Statute of Lawyers and Bars.