Opening of the legal year in Milano – 30-31 January 2020


The Ordine degli avvocate di Milano celebrated the opening of the legal year with a seminar ‘The cross border dimension of mediation’ in the majestic Palazzo Reale at the Piazza Duomo. Speakers from all over Europe and from Mexico and Taiwan gave contributions to the very interesting debates on how to manage mediation in an International case. Experiences were exchanged in an international round table. The value of the Singapore convention of 2019 and the Mediation Directive 52/2008/EC were discussed.

In the evening, the international department of the Milan Bar Association, CRINT, invited the foreign guests to the ballet in the Scala. What a fantastic event and an example of hospitality! The Milanese colleagues took care of every need. The gathering of international lawyers in this great setting in Milan led to interesting discussions about the profession and the working of bar associations. The next day, on Saturday, the legal year was opened in the High Court of Milan. Every party in the legal process, the judiciary, the prosecution, the ministry of justice and the bar association presented a report on the year 2019. The joint reporting on the workings of the legal profession could serve as an example for other jurisdictions to give a good insight and understanding in the problems they all face. In this gathering, specifically the problems to attract staff for the legal profession and the long duration of court proceedings were mentioned. The procedure was interrupted by penalists (attorneys in criminal cases) who protested against new measures concerning the statute of limitations and duration of pleadings. Never a dull moment!  The day ended with a fantastic gala of the Bar Association of Milan. The FBE was represented by its 2nd Vice President Bas Martens and former President Sara Chandler.