Fédération des barreaux d’Europe

International Oratory Competition - Madrid - 6th – 7th October 2017

The FBE is starting the first edition of its International Oratory Competition, for lawyers of less than 40 years of age. This year’s competition follows two very successful International Contract Competitions which gathered respectively 10 and 8 teams from the Member Bars of the FBE in Warsaw.

The competition will contribute to pursue the objectives of the FBE by promoting the mobility of lawyers, ensuring the level of professional quality and technical competence of lawyers, strengthen relations between Member Bars and between lawyers from different countries.

The event will be run by the FBE Legal Education Commission and hosted by the Madrid Bar Association, as President of the Commission. It will take place will on 6th – 7th October 2017.

This year’s topic is : “Human Rights violation case currently happening in Europe “

The competition is a great opportunity for lawyers to practice oratory skills, learn to present a case to an international audience of lawyers, develop oral English abilities, and it provides a valuable networking occasion for lawyers from different jurisdictions.

We would like to invite Member Bars of the FBE to send their participants to Madrid to join this competition. The language of the contest is English.

Declaration of participation may be submitted by the Member Bars by e-mail on the attached application form by the 28th of September 2017.

Please find attached to this letter the information pack with all the details regarding the FBE International Oratory Competition.

We warmly invite the Member Bars to encourage lawyers to take part in this event and support them. We hope that all participants will find the contest very attractive and beneficial.

FBE I International Oratory competition - Flyer

FBE I International Oratory Competition - Rules

FBE I International Oratory Competition - Application Form