Rentrée Solennelle du Barreau de Lille, 19 octobre 2018


FBE, represented by Monique Stengel, took part in the “Rentrée Solennelle du Barreau de Lille”, on 19 octobre 2018

The conference began with a presentation of Mr. Basile Ader, Vice-Dean of Paris and President of the OIAD (Observatoire International des Avocats en Danger). This international Observatory was initially founded in 2015 by the Conseil national des Barreaux (France) the Paris Bar, witt Consejo General de la Abogicia Espanola and the Consiglio Nazionale Forense Italiano. The video presentation showed the – too long – list of countries where lawyers are in danger: persecuted, arrested, faltered, killed…. The audience was very impressed as we were also shown the faces of the colleagues in danger….

After a tribute to  the colleagues of the Bar in Lille who died since the last Opening, the Dean, Mr. Dhonte,  made a very energetic speech  about the difficulties of the profession in front of a representative of the French Mnistery for Justice. The Dean also spoke about the chances for the profession, specially in Lille as the conference was placed in the rooms of “Eurotechnologies”: ancient industrial buildings transformed in offices for new technologies.

Afterwards the two winners of the eloquence contest presented a mock trial as prosecutor and defender of Claude Lelouch, the well known French director who was present and finally presented a brilliant defence of his whole work!

The Ceremony was closed by an artistic tribute to Mrs. Simone Veil who died this year and was given a national funeral in Paris.