Resolution of the Eastern Bars Commission and Human Rights Commission of the FBE – Romania


The European Bars Federation (FBE), which represents 250 member Bars of Europe and their 1-million-member lawyers, taking into consideration the lawyers’ protests that erupted in Romania in recent months, as a result of the judicial decision of the ~Baneasa Farm~ case, expresses its grave concerns for the severe violation of the lawyers’ rights and of the rule of law, through:

  • client-attorney identification
  • prosecution of lawyers for crimes of opinion
  • breach of the principle of the authority of res judicata
  • hearings of judges as witnesses, in order to demonstrate the illegality of their own Decisions in related cases

Romanian authorities are demanding that the rights of lawyers and their independence, and the rule of law be respected, according to the Resolution 23488 (2020) and Recommendation 2188 (2020) of the Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.