Silvia Giménez-Salinas becomes president of the Fédération des Barreaux d’Europe (FBE)


Silvia Giménez-Salinas, dean of the Colegio de la Abogacía de Barcelona (ICAB) (Barcelona’s Bar Association) between 2005 and 2009 and former first vice president of the FBE, has been appointed president of the Fédération des Barreaux d’Europe – FBE during the General Assembly held in Barcelona last Saturday, June 1st, on FBE’s 53rd General Congress.

The new president of the European lawyers has an extensive professional career leading different institutions and organizations such as the Consell de l’Advocacia Catalana (the General Council of the Catalan Bar), the Commission of Relations with the Administration of Justice of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, the Catalan Intercollegiate Association and ICAB’s Catalan Association of Arbitration, among others. She’s currently a member of Catalonia’s Civil Law Observatory and president of the Legal Profession Applied Research Institute. She takes on the presidency of the FBE with the objective of providing the organization with practical and useful resources for its members, mainly focusing on helping and supporting those bars in need.

Other appointments were made during the General Assembly: Dominique Attias (France), Paris’ vice dean between 2015 and 2017, was appointed first vice president; Bas Martens (Netherlands) was appointed second vice president; and Patrick Dillen (Belgium), vice dean of l’Ordre néerlandophone des Avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles (NOAB) (the Dutch-speaking Order of the Brussels Bar) since 2015, has been appointed general secretary.

During her inauguration speech as the newly elected president of the European lawyers, Giménez-Salinas encouraged bar associations to get involved in the federation’s management so that “members can perceive their membership as a bonus in the development of their professional career, just like the people they work for sense”. She added that “the quality assurance of our work is not only measured at an individual level, based on the good work carried out by lawyers, but also by the value the society adds through the sense of belonging to a bar association”.

Giménez-Salinas replaces former president Michele Lucherini (Ordine degli Avvocati di Lucca). In his speech as the outgoing president, Lucherini thanked the preceding presidents of the FBE for their work, wishing Silvia Giménez-Salinas, newly elected president, all the best in this new period, as well as Dominique Attias, Monique Stengel, Bas Martens, and Patrick Dillen.

He also thanked the Colegio de la Abogacía de Barcelona for hosting the organization’s 53rd annual congress, especially the association’s dean, Mª Eugènia Gay, and its International Relations Commission president, Rosa Peña, for her involvement in this project.