Sofia, 2018 June 22nd – Conference about Digitalisation of Justice


Challenges to the Legal Profession arising from EU’s digitisation program.

 FBE and CCBE took part in the Congress organised in Sofia by the Supreme Council Bar of Bulgaria about the Justice digitisation program of the EU.

 Ralitsa Negentsova, President of the Supreme Council, said that digitisation in all spheres of public life has brought enormous challenges to the legal profession. A modern European lawyer needs to build quality new knowledge and skills. Without such, it is impossible to protect the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities, as well as the state. These challenges also face the judiciary, which is called upon to adopt and carry out the difficult reform of e-justice, which is one of the main policies in the European Union. The reform affects all representatives of the legal professions, including lawyers.

 FBE’s President, Mr Lucherini, talked about the results of the FBE Committee Future of Profession and the positive experience of the Italian system, that might be a model for the incoming ones.