Day of the Endangered Lawyer, 24 January 2022

The FBE expresses its continued grave concern at the situation of lawyers at risk in Colombia. Their role in maintaining access to justice, the right to an independent defence, the independence of judges and lawyers, and the defence of human rights upholds the rule of law in Colombia.  Without which there would be no justice. Lawyers receive death threats, attacks and are murdered. Lawyers and their offices are under surveillance by officers of the State.  In the last two years the following lawyers have been killed:



21 May: lawyer Paula Andrea Rosero, murdered in Samaniego, in the department of Nariño

16 July: lawyer Julio Enrique González, murdered in Bogotá

20 July: lawyer Yamile Guerra, murdered in Florida Blanca, Santander

21 December: lawyer Mariano Cuero Ruiz, nominated to be the municipal ombudsman of Candelaria in Valle del Cauca, was murdered

29 December: lawyer Alcibiades Libreros Varela, specialist prosecutor, murdered



8 June: lawyer Pierangelly Hugueth Henríquez, murdered in Ciénaga Magdalena

24 October, lawyer Arquímedes Getulio Centanaro Carriazo, murdered in Sucre

9 December: lawyer Freddy Agustín Gonzáles Barragán, Ombudsman’s Office, murdered in the city of Cúcuta – Norte de Santander



15 January: Fredman Arturo Herazo Padilla, lawyer, historian and Afrodescendant leader from the municipality of San Palenque, murdered

8 June: Esperanza Navas, prosecutor inTibú, Norte de Santander, murdered.

16 July: lawyer Julio Enrique González, murdered in Bogotá.


Protection must be given to lawyers who receive death threats and the cases of harassment, threats, attacks and murders while carrying out their professional duties, must be investigated by the appropriate state agencies.


The international legal community stands by human rights defenders, lawyers and judges in Colombia, and will do all in its power to monitor the situation of lawyers and support their work. The FBE calls on its members to remember the courageous defenders of justice and human rights who have given their lives and to dedicate their activities to supporting Colombian  lawyers on 24 January, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer.

Conférence – L’avocat au cœur d’une Europe qui protège contre les injustices – Strasbourg, mercredi 12 janvier 2022

Cette conférence sous format hybride (120 personnes en présentiel et entre 200 et 400 personnes en distanciel) s’organisera autour de 4 tables rondes :

  • Quelles nouvelles garanties procédurales européennes pour les parties au procès?
  • Comment améliorer la protection des droits des migrants ?
  • Responsabilité sociétale des entreprises : quel rôle pour l’avocat ?
  • Comment lutter contre l’intimidation judiciaire ?

1st European Congress on Personal Insolvency – 17TH – 18TH OF NOVEMBER 2021 IN BARCELONA

The 1st European Congress on Personal Insolvency ( will be the meeting point for all relevant actors in matters of personal insolvency (legal profession, judiciary, university, public administrations, bar associations, social organizations…).

We will address the subject from a dual perspective: the processing of the Draft Law for the transposition of the European Directive 2019/1023 on restructuring, and analysing insolvency, its causes, consequences and solutions from a broad, legal, social and economic perspective.

The 1st European Congress on Personal Insolvency will be held in a blended format, the congresspersons will have the possibility to attend the ICAB headquarters for some activities or to follow it online.

Registration for the Congress will be done through the website of the Barcelona Bar Association It is a single Congress, although it is structured in sessions or working tables in parallel, with two main axes: legal tables and socioeconomic tables; as well as workshops.


93 601 12 12 – EXT. 5334

Fax: 93 215 04 29

WEBINAR HELP – 5 novembre 2021 – Quel bilan tirer un an après l’arrêt Schrems II sur les transferts internationaux de données ?


Evénement HELP du Conseil de l’Europe en partenariat avec le Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg, la Commission immatérielle du Barreau de Luxembourg, l’Union internationale des avocats

Quel bilan tirer un an après l’arrêt Schrems II sur les transferts internationaux de données ?

Le droit européen de la protection des données impacte bien au- delà de l’Union. Ainsi  l’arrêt Schrems II de la Cour de justice en date du 16 juillet 2020 a placé la question du transfert international de données au cœur des négociations commerciales entre l’Union et les Etats-Unis , et pourrait, demain, mettre à bas l’accord commercial UE-UK.

Cette question est si fondamentale qu’elle a conduit la Chine à se doter d’une nouvelle législation en la matière et mobilise les GAFAM autour des propositions européennes sur l’avenir de l’économie numérique. 

Deux spécialistes en la matière vous apporteront les fondamentaux de cette matière et les éléments

qui devraient, à très court terme, bouleverser encore l’équilibre fort instable des relations  économiques

Vendredi 5 novembre 2021

Qui peut participer au Webinar :

Ouvert à tous, Avocats et non avocats

Comment s’inscrire ?

Resolution on support to Afghan legal professionals – Paris, 28.09.2021

The General Assembly of the FBE, meeting in Paris on 28th September 2021 expresses very grave concern for the lawyers, judges and human rights defenders in Afghanistan. In particular we condemn discrimination against women and girls and support the right of all people to education, employment and freedom to express their opinions without risk to their lives, livelihood or freedom.

We call upon FBE members to offer support to Afghan legal professionals who are able to leave Afghanistan and to welcome them to their bar associations and law societies.

Resolution on the refugee situation on Belarus-Latvia, Belarus-Lithuania and Belarus-Poland borders – Paris, 28.09.2021

The General Assembly of the FBE meeting in Paris on 28th September 2021 expresses grave concern that the governments of Belarus , Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have failed to extend humanitarian aid and safe refuge or passage to refugees who are now trapped on the border between these countries. We note the hardship that the refugees face especially as they are faced with hard conditions of survival as the winter comes.

We note further that the refugees are not allowed access to lawyers under the “state of emergency “.

We remind these governments of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rights of refugees, and demand that regard is now given to their right to legal advice and to proceed to seek asylum without further delay.

Resolution on Belarus Lawyers situation – Paris, 28.09.2021

The General Assembly of the FBE, meeting in Paris on 28th September 2021 deplores the political persecution of lawyers in Belarus. Lawyers, who express views contrary to those of the government or who represent peaceful protestors or opposition leaders in courts, face constant pressure. Repression against law practitioners include criminal persecution, administrative arrests, or punitive disciplinary proceedings. More than twenty Belarusian lawyers, who took a political and civic stance, have been deprived of the right to practice their profession.

We regret that key self-governing bodies of lawyers have implemented this repression by disbarring lawyers and depriving them of the right to practice.

We call upon the lawyers’ bodies to reinstate those that have been disbarred and to resist the political persecution of lawyers.

Resolution on the independence of judges and lawyers in Colombia – Paris, 28.09.2021

The General Assembly of the FBE, meeting in Paris on 28th September 2021 supports the independence of judges and lawyers and notes that the Colombian Judges, human rights lawyers and civil society organisations have asked for international support for their ongoing campaign for independence for the Colombian judiciary.

We support a national pact that guarantees respect for the rule of law, justice, full operation of the judicial system, and strengthening the transitional justice system in support of the Peace Agreement.

We call upon all FBE members to support the Day of the Endangered Lawyer on 24th January 2022, when the day will focus upon lawyers in Colombia.