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NT Commission guidelines on generative AI

The New Technologies Commission of the European Bars Association has prepared guidelines titled “European lawyers in the era of ChatGPT: Guidelines on how lawyers should take advantage of the opportunities offered by large language models and generative AI”. These guidelines provide 7 principles to ensure the ethical use of generative AI tools in law firms:

1. Understand the generative AI technology

2. Acknowledge limitations and context

3. Adhere to existing rules on AI use

4. Complement legal expertise

5. Maintain attorney-client privilege

6. Ensure data protection and privacy

7. Inform clients and assume responsibility

The report is currently available for download in English, with other language versions to be prepared shortly.

I hope you will find this report not only helpful but also a catalyst for initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the responsible use of generative artificial intelligence among lawyers. I encourage you to plan and coordinate initiatives in this area, and the New Technologies Commission is ready to provide support in any way we can.

Maria Dymitruk

President of the FBE New Technologies Commission