“Day of the Endangered Lawyer” – January 24, 2019 – TURKEY – FBE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION


Dear President, Dear Colleagues,

On January 24, 1977 four Spanish trade union lawyers and an employee in their office in Madrid were murdered by neo-fascists.

A few years ago, European lawyers associations chose this sad occasion to establish the “Day of the Endangered Lawyer”.

The Day of the Endangered Lawyer on January 24, 2019 is a day on which we call for the attention for lawyers all over the world who are facing harassment, threats, persecution or even torture and therefore the work of those Colleagues is made increasingly difficult.

Still nowadays Lawyers are more often assimilated to the clients they defend and thus are stigmatized, jailed, convicted.

At least 14 presidents of Turkish Bar associations have been arrested and detained.

Hundreds of lawyers in Turkey face criminal prosecution, are under judicial control and are forbidden to travel. 218 lawyers were sentenced in 2018 alone.

As a result, FBE, in conjunction with many lawyers’ organizations, fully supports our Turkish colleagues in the framework of the International Lawyer in danger day.

We’re sending a report from the FBE Human Right Commission about that issue.

Kindest regards.



President of the European Bars Federation