Dear President, Dear Colleague,

I am contacting you as President of the Mediation Commission of the European Bars Federation (FBE) in relation with the research being carried out from the Barcelona Bar Association since 2018. This work consisted of a comparison of different laws and mediation regulations that exist within the different Members of the FBE.

We would like to thank the Bars who, within the framework of this project, sent us the legislation in mediation. With all the information that was gathered, analyzed and synthesized, we are planning on proceeding with the second phase of the project. However, in order to fully complete the research, collaboration from your Bar is essential.

The ultimate objectives are to produce a comprehensive report that provides a holistic view of the mediation in Europe, the main challenges facing it and possible solutions.

With these aims in mind, we have prepared a questionnaire, which you will find attached to the present email. This questionnaire is structured into three sections, with the intention of collecting concrete and concise information in order to complete this second phase of the project.

We would be grateful if your Bar could kindly cooperate in answering this questionnaire before July 31st, 2020, so that we can begin working on the final report to be presented on the occasion of our General Congress to be held in Paris next 1-2 October.

We sincerely look forward to your responses.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

With kind regards.

Mª Eugènia Gay