1. What are the corona measures for all citizens in your country?

Italy is a nation that, due to its geographical position and its position in the European and Mediterranean economy, has a dense network of communications and commercial and personal exchanges.

This is probably the reason for exposure to the contagion just before other nations in Europe.

The first cases.

The first two cases of Coronavirus in Italy, a couple of Chinese tourists,
were confirmed on January 30 by the Spallanzani Institute, where they
have been in isolation since January 29.

On 26 February they were declared cured.

The first case of secondary transmission occurred in Codogno,
Municipality of Lombardy in the province of Lodi, on 18 February 2020
(and it came from a German citizen).

The distribution of sick people is not homogeneous on the national
territory, with great diffusion especially in two provinces (Bergamo and
Brescia) of the Lombardy region where total block-down have been
operated since February as soon as the first case occurred.

A surveillance network on the new coronavirus is active in Italy and
controls and screening have been activated under the coordination of
the ministerial task force.

What has been helpful for Italy is the good level of public health service,
which is managed at regional level.

On January 30, Italy blocked all flights to and from China for 90 days, in
addition to those from Wuhan, already suspended by the Chinese
authorities, with an Order of the Minister of Health.

On 31 January, the Italian government declared a state of emergency,
allocated the first funds and appointed a Civil Protection Chief

Current containment measures.

The Council of Ministers passed a decree law on 23 February 2020
prohibiting access and removal to municipalities where there are
outbreaks and suspending demonstrations and events.

From March 22, 2020, it’s not allowed for all natural persons moving or
moving by public or private way of transport in common other than the
one in which they are located, except for proven occupational needs,
absolute urgency or for health reasons.

Finally, the Government has issued some measures, providing for the
closure of non-core or strategic production activities.

Food stores, pharmacies, shops for basic necessities and essential
services remain open.

The provisions take effect from 23 March 2020 and are effective until 3
April 2020 (but it has already been announced that the provisions will be

Current situation.

Today – 30 March 2020 – the datas are:
People currently positive 73880 (3906 in intensive care)

Deceased 10779 (Average age: ~78 years)

Healed 13030 (13,34%).


2. What is the legal situation and in the courts?

Tribunals have been closed.

All legal and procedural deadlines have been suspended.
Hearings were postponed until after 15 April 2020, with the exception of
hearings with prisoners and minors.

Each President of the Court is responsible for the best management of the

A few days ago, the Ministry of Justice issued a decree for the ordinary
conduct of hearings by videoconferencing under the direction of the judge.

This will have a positive impact on the future administration of justice even
when this emergency is overcome.


3. How is the situation of the lawyers and what are the Bars

Many Bars’ offices are closed as well as lawyers’ ones.

The pension plan has suspended the payment of contributions and the tax
authorities have postponed the deadlines to 31 May 2020.

There is a great concern for the economic survival of many professional
firms that are in debt for ongoing investments or new hiring.
The Bar of Lucca reduced to 50% the registration fee for the year 2020.


4. Which measures are the most appreciated and what are the

What has been decided by the government has been accepted by the
population and scrupulously respected.

What will be necessary or would be necessary is to guarantee to the industrial and commercial activities and also to those professions a sufficient liquidity to start again when the emergency will be overcome.

It will be a great gamble that will have to be faced and on which the future of
the Union will be tested.


5. Additional comments

The situation is global and there is a need for a global approach.
An adequate response is needed to avoid seeing borders reborn for the
legitimate protection of people and their economic future.