MEDITERRANEAN BARS MEETING – Ragusa, 12-14 April 2018


The FBE’s MEDITERRANEAN BARS MEETING brings together lawyers from the four shores of the Mediterranean. The Assize was held on April 13 and delegates came from Lebanon in the east, from Tunisia and Morocco in the south, from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy in the north. There were also lawyers from northern Europe, including the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

The Assize was organized by the FBE Mediterranean Commission (FBEMC) leaded by President Giorgio Assenza, Vice President Dominique Attias, Secretary Omar Abbouzzohour (Secretary of FBEMC) and with the coordination of Yves Oschinsky (Past President FBE) and Michele Lucherini ( Vice President FBE). A decisive role was played by the Ragusa Bar Association.

The conference was about the European settlement rules; the services of lawyers; the rules of common deontology; the social security management of Moroccan workers in the province of Ragusa; social security protection for workers in the agricultural sector; the possibilities of investment in the Mediterranean; the lawyers as a support for companies and investments; the establishment of persons and particularly retired people.

Particular attention was focused to the analysis of the situation in France concerning the Macron bill on justice and the situation in Lebanon (see resolutions).

It was a memorable event for the accuracy of the scientific program and the in-depth contribution of the speakers.