On June 22, 2022, at the Attorneys‘ Training Center in Sofia (and simultaneously online through Zoom) took place the final of the International LegalTech Competition “E-Access to Justice” organized by the FBE with the great support of the Sofia Bar Association and the Attorneys’ Training Center.

During the event, the Finalists of the competition presented their ideas on the application of modern technology in the justice system and the development of new and innovative judicial and non-judicial dispute resolution processes. The presentations were heard and assessed by the jury of international experts in the field of LegalTech: Bas Martens (FBE Presidency), Izabela Konopacka (FBE Presidency), Simone Cuomo (CCBE Secretary General), Martin Sacleux (CCBE IT Law Committee), and Agnieszka Poteralska (FBE NT Commission).

The first Finalist, Beatriz Juarrero Olaizola representing Bilbao Bar Association (Spain) presented the topic “E-Justice and Blockchain in the Legal System”. She explained what is the main role of the decentralized network and how it is possible to adapt this innovative technology in the area of law.

Then, Yizhaq Kricheli from Welexit (representing the Barreau de Bruxelles [ordre français], Belgium) spoke about “Making legal services transparent and accessible to all layers of society”. He presented a self-created application that helps in finding a lawyer who specializes in the relevant branch of law and practices in the near vicinity.

Finally, the representative of the third Finalist, StickLex (representing Supreme Advocacy Council, Poland), presented their digital platform that supports solving complex legal problems. The application helps clients in specialized cases on the border of law and narrow specialization in other areas, by connecting the clients with specialists from multiple industries/niches in online meetings to enable them to find the most effective solution for a given problem.

The FBE New Technologies Commission is proud to announce that the winners of the International LegalTech Competition “E-Access to Justice” are: Yizhaq Kricheli, Maor Benzvi, Nikolay Marinov from Welexit representing the Barreau de Bruxelles [ordre français], Belgium. The second place was taken by Daniel Woźniak, Rafał Wrzecionek and Mateusz Styburski from StickLex, and the third – by Beatriz Juarrero Olaizola.

Congratulations! Thank you for inspiring us! We would also like to express our gratitude to the Jurors for allowing the Finalists and the audience to benefit from their profound knowledge and extensive legal experience. We are desired to express our sincerest thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the competition. See you in the next edition of the International LegalTech Competition!