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FBE New Technologies Commission

The FBE New Technologies Commission keeps an eye on AI. Last week, the President of the Commission, Maria Dymitruk, took part in the public presentation of the Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence-based tools by lawyers and law firms in the EU organized by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and the European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) as a part of the AI4Lawyers project.

The event and the guide aim to provide information on how lawyers can responsibly use the opportunities provided by AI-based systems. The general aim is to help us, lawyers, in understanding what can or cannot be realistically expected from AI, what are the risks to professional obligations when using AI tools, and how to use AI tools and improve our workflows – as small law practices – in six different categories:

  1. drafting support,
  2. document analysis,
  3. text retrieval and case law analysis,
  4. speech-to-text,
  5. chatbots,
  6. assistance in internal office administration work.

During the event wide range of European experts in the field of artificial intelligence have presented their thoughts on the digitalisation of justice in Europe, challenges/opportunities of the digital transformation of law firms as well as the issue of AI-delivered justice. Particular attention was paid to the new EU proposal for Artificial Intelligence Act.