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We are delighted to inform you that our Committee has organised the celebration of the “FBE European ADR Awards”, in order to promote even further the recognition the institution of Mediation deserves, the excellent work that the professional mediators accomplish in a daily basis and the importance of Mediation as an alternative way to resolve a wide variety of conflicts.

By presenting these Awards, we in the FBE Mediation Commission want to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of all mediators from the different FBE State members as well as those from all around the world. Through the encouragement that these awards will provide, we hope to grow the great work and legal contributions that occur within the Mediation world. We would like to reward the developments that professional individuals and public and private organizations are making in the field. We see this as a two-pronged approach: promoting the institution of Mediation as a whole, while also focusing on the vital importance of individual mediators and the organizations they often form.

Our objective is to highlight the achievements of these mediators and mediation providers operating across all areas of the field. We also intend to reward as well the most prominent figures in the Mediation and ADR world to help increase their influence within and outside the profession.

We expect to recognize the most relevant contributions in the field of Mediation with the goals of promoting, recognizing and spreading innovative progress and the application of increasingly successful research techniques, practical experiences, and publications.

With the aforementioned reasons in mind we proceed to outline below the regulations for the celebration of the “European ADR Awards”. As follows, a Prize will be awarded for each of the following categories: 

·        2023 Award for Mediation Lifetime Achievement

With this Award we intend to recognize the individual trajectory of a mediator or person related to mediation whose work has contributed significantly to increasing the dissemination of mediation as an alternative method of conflict resolution, and to the increasing success of the work of mediators. It will be granted to a person who has made exceptional contributions throughout their careers in not only personally advancing alternative dispute resolution, but inspiring others to do so as well.

We consider that it would be adequate that the candidacies for this Award must be proposed and endorsed by at least three people other than the candidate, and should include a text explaining the reasons and merits of the candidacy, all signed by those proposing said candidate.

·        2023 Award for the Best Publication of the year

This award is to celebrate and recognize the best research work or publication about Mediation that has been published throughout the year. We intend for this Award to be given to the best author, the best book or specific chapter, or to the best doctrinal article in any academic publication. Essentially, we would like to reward the best work on any aspect related to Mediation and/or ADR from all possible approaches, such as legal, economic, sociological, political, or otherwise. We will take into consideration publications from a wide variety of academic texts ranging from Research papers to Doctoral theses and more.

·        2023 Award for the Best Mediation Institution and/or Mediation services provided

This award will be given to the best practice in mediation ADR provided by either private institutions or individual experts, or by Public Administrations with headquarters or delegations in the FBE member States. To qualify for this Award, the projects, programs or initiatives presented in this category must have been implemented, in whole or in part, within one year preceding the year of the nomination.

Applications for the multiple Awards are evaluated by a jury comprised of renowned mediators, lawyers, academics and experts. Our intention is to organise the Ceremony on the occasion of our next Congress to be held in Gdansk on the 5-7 October.

In case you have some candidatures please send them to us before 21 August to the following address: