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FBE International Contract Competition – Bilbao, 10th and 11th of June 2022

Dear Members, dear colleagues,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our events and competitions were postponed until the situation allowed its correct implementation. However, as the situation has improved greatly, the FBE has been holding back some important events that are part of the identity and nature of this organization.

In this regard, one of our flagship projects, the FBE International Contract Competition, will be held back again this summer between June 10th and June 11th in Bilbao, Spain. As you may know, this competition is an educational event in which young lawyers from different jurisdictions meet each other to simulate an international commercial contact case.

We believe that these competitions are fundamental for our organization as they improve the relations between lawyers and enhance international cooperation skills in the field of law. All members of the FBE are invited to participate in this competition by sending up several participants from their Bar Associations. The competition, consisting of two rounds, will put into action the teams from different jurisdictions, in a unique European environment.

In this regard, the Bilbao Bar Association and the Madrid Bar Association, co-organizers of the ICC, will be thrilled to count on the highest number of teams possible. We kindly ask you to share this type of competition among your members, as we believe they represent a unique manner for young lawyers to put into practice their negotiation skills.

You will find attached the Terms of Conditions with all the details.

Thank you very much.

FBE ICC – June (PDF)