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PILnet Global Forum, 16-18 October 2023, Brussels

Held every year in a different city, or virtually when necessary, PILnet’s Global Forum convenes around 400 lawyers and advocates from around the world to forge alliances and develop strategies for using the law to protect civil society and the communities they serve. The PILnet Global Forum features presentations, interactive workshops, social events, and structured networking opportunities for attendees to learn from one another and to form collaborations to help make our societies stronger and more resilient. 

Join us in Brussels on October 16-18 for this year’s PILnet Global Forum! We are excited to exchange and enrich our collective knowledge with our networks this year. We look forward to learning different best practices from our partners on how law can support civil society and will create room for new ideas which can lead to new innovation and formation of partnerships. This year, we are also looking forward to providing a platform for our partners to continue networking and strengthening relationships.