Resolution on the preservation of the rule of law in Hungary – Warszawa, 22.09.18

On September 22nd, 2018, the FBE’s General Assembly, representing 250 member Bars together with its one million member lawyers,

Considering the need for the EU to act in the face of Hungarian government actions that pose a risk to the values of the Union, namely the independence of the judiciary, the functioning of the constitutional and electoral systems, the freedom of expression, corruption, minority rights, the situation of migrants and refugees and freedom of worship;

Considering the action of the European Parliament, which decided on 12nd September 2018, to initiate the Article 7 procedure for serious threat to the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights in a Member State;

The FBE approves and supports the initiative of the European Parliament to preserve the independence of the judiciary, democracy and human rights in all Member States and calls on the Hungarian authorities to put an immediate end to serious and repeated attack to the rule of law.