Congress of MADRID 2010

STAGE 2010 : The continuous and specialized training for lawyers in the European framework. New challenges, new solutions.

Adriano Vianini

Aleksandra Siewicka

Thomas Westphal

Mirko Ros

Aitzol Asla

Marta Isern

Moises Gebelli

The role of the Bar Associations as a guarantee of the total effectiveness of Law as a fair process, recognized by the European Agreement of Human Rights.

Benoît Chabert

Emilio Gines

Francisco Real Cuenca

Judge Christos Rozakis

Judge David Thór Björgvinsson

Judge Ireneu Cabral Barreto

Sara Chandler

Regina Michalke

Dominique Attias

Joseph Van Der Perre

Fernando Bejerano-Javier Rivera

Romano Zipolini