Resolution on Women Human Rights, proposed by FBE Human Rights Commission – Warszawa, 22.09.18

The General Assembly of the European Bars Federation (FBE) in Warsaw September 22, 2018, which represents 250 member Bars of Europe and their one million member lawyers, expressed its grave concerns for the present situation of women in the World.

The European Bars Federation recalls the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Humankind what comprises four principles, six rights and six obligations reaffirming the right of all human beings of the earth to live in a world in which the future is not compromised by the lack of responsibility for the present,

Recognising the commitment of lawyers due to their privileged place in society together with their contribution to human and social rights, which represent the core of the lawyer’s mission we appreciate in particular the commitment and hard work of all women-lawyers in this field, in particular the actions and activity of our colleague SAMAR BADAWI, who is fighting effectively for the rights of women  in Saudi Arabia.