Resolution concerning legal assistance and its financing – 26.05.12

Endorsed by the FBE General Assembly held in Brussels on 26 May 2012

Meeting in Brussels for the twentieth anniversary of the Federation of European Bars, delegates from the 250 bar members representing more than 800,000 barristers/solicitors have expressed their worries over the issue of legal aid and its financing. This situation is becoming an increasing concern in several European countries, more specifically in Belgium, Spain Italy and France, and is affecting the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable and underprivileged members of society.

They have been made aware of the financial conditions under which their Belgian, Spanish, Italian and French colleagues have to work on cases involving legal aid.

They insist on an individual’s fundamental right to quality legal representation, which is ultimately guaranteed by the State. This right notably implies financing for those who cannot afford such representation, and entails appropriate remuneration for the barrister/solicitor’s assigned to the case.

They share the concerns of their Belgian, Spanish, Italian, French and European colleagues, and support their legitimate and fair claims.