Resolution on Training in Legal Ethics of European Lawyers – Torquay, 18 October 2008

The European Bars Federation (FBE) regroups 180 European Bars representing 500’000 European Lawyers. As a result of its congress held in Torquay GB on the 16th – 18th of October 2008, the FBE has taken note that there are great differences between the European Countries with regard to teaching of legal ethics. Therefore, the FBE has passed the following resolution:

The FBE recommends that its members stress in their countries the crucial importance of Legal Ethics, by specifically:

1) Ensuring that Legal Ethics and, in particular, the Core Values of our profession (including integrity, independence, confidentiality and expertise) are an essential part of the training provided by the Bars themselves, such training to include a requirement to pass a specifically examination targeted at Legal Ethics and Core Values as preliminary requirement prior to admission to the Profession.

2) Keeping their lawyers informed on Legal Ethics regulation and about all its developments

3) Making Legal Ethics and, particularly, the Core Values a significant part of their programs of Continuing Education.

4) Ensuring all lawyers are compulsorily updated with all substantial aspects in Legal Ethics regulation in their programs of Continuing Education.

5) Promoting in the Law Faculties of their area the inclusion of a consistent and constant teaching of Legal Ethics throughout the whole academic period.