Resolution in support of Romanian lawyers on the role and importance of the Lawyer in defending the rights and freedoms of citizens in Romania – Gdansk, 07.10.2023

The General Assembly of the European Bar Federation, representing 210 member bars and one million lawyers,

  • taking note of the approach of the Romanian National Union of Bar Association (U.N.B.R.) of September 4, 2023, entitled: “A day without lawyers – a day in which the rule of law does not exist! Awareness campaign on the role and importance of the Lawyer in defending citizens’ rights and freedoms”
  • with the aim of eliminating the frequent dysfunctions encountered by lawyers in the exercise of their judicial activities and to reject the draft law aimed at increasing the taxation of the liberal professions,
  • having regard to the obligation of all EU Member States to promote and ensure the role of the lawyers in the judicial system as an element of free access to justice for citizens,

expresses its concern about the rights of lawyers in Romania and their economic situation and calls on the Romanian Government and the Romanian judicial bodies to grant lawyers the role and importance they should enjoy in any State governed by the rule of law, their activity being an activity of public interest.

The FBE intends to support the Campaign initiated by U.N.B.R. for the maintenance of high standards in the legal profession in Romania.