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The results of the 1st stage of ILTC 2024

We are proud to announce that the first stage of the International LegalTech Competition has concluded, and we now know the finalists of this year’s edition. They are:

    • Michalina Gdula and Daria Świderska, representing the Wrocław Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law

    • Clara Perdices, Jerzy Merchán and Cristina Fernández, representing the Bizkaia Bar Association

    • Joana Sousa Domingues, representing Ordem dos Advogados Portuguesa

    • Karolina Wilamowska, Sonia Staniek and Emilia Florek, representing The Polish Bar Council

Congratulations to both the finalists and the Bars their represent!

The final stage of the competition will be held at the Bizkaia Bar Association in Bilbao on July 19-20, 2024.

The task of the finalists during the final will be to present their proposed project on “AI-Powered Legal Practice: Upholding the rule of law” during a 15-minute speech before an international jury.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for all the finalists, and we invite everyone else to join us at the finals in Bilbao. Stay tuned for more details!