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International LegalTech Competition

The FBE New Technologies Commission is pleased to report that the European Bars Federation announced the next edition of the International LegalTech Competition. The FBE acknowledges the increasing importance of new technologies and artificial intelligence in our democratic societies and the potential benefits when it will be fully used at the service of the quality and efficiency of justice.

Therefore, the theme of this year’s edition of the competition is “Algorithms, Ethics and Law”.

The purpose of the Competition is to increase awareness and to encourage innovative thinking among lawyers on topics such as the implementation of modern technologies into legal services and exploring innovative areas at the junction of law and artificial intelligence.

The competition is addressed to members of the Bar Associations associated in the FBE (there is no age limitation). The Participant shall be an individual or a team up to three persons. The individual or at least one person in a team shall be a lawyer representing Bar Association associated in the FBE; other team members can be IT specialists, programmers, UX experts, university students or representatives of other areas.

Participants are encouraged to present projects that take into consideration not only the theoretical possibilities of the use of new technologies in legal services (i.e. conceptual theories on the legal implications of the use of AI), but also practical consequences of such phenomena for society and – even technical – implementations opportunities in this field.

The contest will have two stages:

1st stage (online): submit your presentation by 30 April 2023

2nd stage (onsite): after the first stage, the jury will select finalists who will take part in the second stage of the competition that will take place in Wrocław (Poland); the exact date will be announced later. In this stage, the finalists shall make their speeches to the jury.

If you have further questions about the competition, do not hesitate to get in touch with the President of the FBE New Technologies Commission, Maria Dymitruk (

We cordially invite all members of the FBE Bar Associations to take part in the competition!